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Similar to 200 watt standard light bulb
Ideal for driveways and amenity installations

Operation is automatic providing illumination when it is needed. The first 5 hours are on 600 Lumens standby mode. When sensor detects movement full beam of 2000 lumens is triggered for 30 seconds. After 5 hours stand-by mode falls to 300 lumens. Pole mount.

Hi Tec solar panel and new Li-On battery combine with state of the art LED technology to make a most effective solar light for lighting away from the mains. Ideal for farms, transport yards, building sites, homes, hotels, gardens, parks, marinas, and outdoor events on the market today. The unit is encased in virtually indestructible rustproof aluminium waterproof housing.

Operation is automatic providing illumination when it is needed. The first 5 hours are at 600 lumen energy saving standby mode until triggered by PIR sensor then full beam of 2000 lumens for 30 seconds. The standby mode is just 300 lumens after 5 hours.

1.    No wiring or mains power required for this independent solar powered light.
2.    Elegant integrated design aluminum alloy case, measures 808x227x164mm
3.    Full beam 2000 lumens (similar to 200 Watt GLS) when triggered by PIR 
4.    Weatherproof to IP65. Pole mount (Not supplied)
5.    Lighting time, from full charge 3 days. Charge fully in 9-10 hours of bright sunlight.

Features and Benefits:

Elegant Integrated Design,Aluminum alloy case
48pcs Superbright LEDs,1000 Lumens brightness equal to 120W GLS
15W solar panel and the battery can be easily replaced by users
Night sensor + PIR motion sensor triggers at 5-8 metres
120° wide lighting angle
Support 3 nights after full charging
Easy to install and Auto on/off/PIR
IP65 Weatherproof
Operating temperature -25 to 65 degrees C
Ideally pole mount - not supplied
Modern attractive design
Ideal for lighting paths, yards and driveways
Effective charging even in low light
Lights all night and bright when needed
Illuminates wide area
Night after night battery reserves
No wiring, no cabling no trenches
For all outdoor applications
Use in winter or summer
Poles not included with lights. We recommend a 60mm+/-diameter pole such as those used for scaffolding.

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BS4127 Solar Walkway Light 2000

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