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Bright Spark LED – Visibly better LED lighting

The new Ortibal Overhead™ range from Bright Spark® wraps bulb and shade into a small all-in-one package. The result: Brighter, wider-beamed, longer-lasting overhead light.

Flicker-free, instant on/off, true-to-life colour rendition and attractive price make Ortibal Overhead™ the cost-effective way to brighten your world.

No special installation – Orbital LEDs fit standard bayonet or screw fittings

The Ortibal Overhead™ range is the smart way to upgrade to LED. 18W, 24W and 45W versions are equivalent to 120W, 200W and 6 x 60W standard bulbs.

There is also a choice of warm to cool light, with 3000 Kelvin, 18W version perfect for cosier home environments and whiter, stronger 24W and 45W versions suitable for more commercial applications.

And usefully, with expected 30,000 hour, or about 10 years’ life, Ortibal Overhead™ LEDs are ideal choice for hard-to-reach places where replacement is difficult, such as high corridors or stairwells.

Banish SAD lighting. The Ortibal Overhead™ range. Designed for home and commercial applications.

170° super-directional light. Light what you want to see not the ceiling.

•    Powerful LED overheads lights
•    At last! LEDs that give ‘Well lit’, comfortable light.
•    Cost-effective: switching to Ortibal Overheads can save you up to £100 per year.
•    Flicker-free
•    Instant on/off
•    Wide-beam: 170° light throw, exceptional for LEDs
•    Plug and play: Orbital Overheads are supplied ready to fit into standard pendant screw fittings. Optional adapter available for B22 bayonet fitting (item code BS4363)
•    Colour: a choice of warmer to cooler light for a range of home and work applications (measured in Kelvin on CCT or Correlated Colour Temperature index)
•    CCT or Correlated Colour Temperature: 3000K (Kelvin), 4000K
•    Reduces eyestrain: 80 CRI rating (on the Colour Rendering Index) is ideal for close work
•    Lifetime: approximately 30,000 hours or about 10 years
•    Highest quality components and manufacture: sealed housing is spun aluminium and composite protects high quality electric and electronic components for outstanding, long lasting-performance
•    Wipe-clean sealed housing
•    Long life: 30,000 hours – about 10 years – average life

4240 Bright Spark LED

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