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  • BS0051: S4 Gas Cartridge 220g Screw-Top Cartridge

This premium gas cartridge is used in many camping stoves and has compatible fittings however it is important to check the instructions supplied with the device or product. It is only recommended for use with Bright Spark cookers, heaters and blowtorches.

Instructions supplied in 12 languages.

The addition of propane provides resistance to freezing making this product ideal for overnight camping uses when the weather is very cold.

  • Recommended for Bright Spark appliances and other products that recommend this cartridge
  • Pure and residue free - burns with a clear blue flame and no smell
  • No spluttering, spitting, guttering or build-up of gummy residues
  • Special butane propane mix for resistance to freezing
  • Resealable valve - can be removed from device/ product even when not empty

Click here to download the Butane Gas Cartridge PDF

BS0051: S4 Gas Cartridge 220g Screw-Top Cartridge

  • Product Code: BS0051 S4 Gas Cartridge 220g Screw-Top Cartridge
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