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Similar to 120 watt standard light bulb

PIR reduces light pollution and prolongs battery life by only operating at full strength only at night when activated by movement. Normal light is at 10% power so you are never left in the dark. Light up those awkward areas instantly – no electrician needed. Ideal for sheds and storage area without electricity (simply position the panel outside if you want indoor light).

New Generation of Solar lighting can last all night long using state of the art battery, solar panels, and superbright LED lights with smart sensors built-in for reliability and performance. No wiring, no trenching and no utility bills.
Ideal for gardens, and commercial applications to light paths drives and entrances or sheds, garages, barns and stables.
After dark the LEDs provide 100 lumens dispersed light, but as soon as the PIR is triggered 1000 lumens flood for security and safety. Use inside and out, solar panel can be sited up to 3.5 metres away from lamp.

1.    No wiring or mains power required for this independent solar powered light.
2.    Adjustable bracket for lamp and solar panel with 3.5m cable for optimum efficiency
3.    Sensitive PIR Motion Sensor triggers light from 100 lumens to 1000 lumens for 30 seconds or whilst movement in the area
4.    Weatherproof to IP65. Measures. 242.5x120.5x92mm (PV panel 29x19.5x33.5cm)
5.    Lighting time, from full charge 5 days. Charge fully in 9 hours of bright sunlight.

Features and Benefits:

    Aluminum Alloy Case,
    Separate solar panel with 3.5 metres cable
    Adjustable bracket for lamp and solar panel for optimum efficiency
    1000 Lumens Superbright LED light
    Replaceable and Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
    Sensitive PIR Motion Sensor
    Waterproof IP65
    Easy to install and Auto on/off/PIR
    Wide Lighting Area
    Operating temperature -25 to 65 degrees C
    Practical design
    Mount light where light is required
    Mount panel in best sunny position
    Ideal for sheds, barns, entrances and paths
    Detects movement up to 5 metres / 120 degrees
    Mount light indoors or outside
    No wiring, no mains cabling, no trenches
    Practical area light
    Use in winter or summer

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BS4103 Solar Sensor Light 1000

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